Did dance come first, or photography? I moved to Los Angeles in the year 2000 and soon joined the 5 Rhythms and Contact Improvisation communities. Dance became a part of my life, inviting me into embodyment, learning, awareness, play. 
At the same time, I started photographing my people - the amazing dancers surrounding me. Through the CI community I met a few professional choreographers working and dancing in Los Angeles and photographed their rehearsals and performances.
Two of my Contact Improv friends - Mitra and Stefan, started a Tango school and I started photographing some of their classes and performances. Looking at these images I fell in love with Tango, started my Tango journey - and brought my camera along.
I am deeply grateful for the influence dance has had on my life, for all the teachers I've been exposed to, and all the dance partners who have shared time and attention with me.
20 years later, I still dance, and still take pictures. 
I welcome commissions and collaborations.
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Why "Andreimoment"?
When I create, I disappear in the flow, and this moment is all I have.
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